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The Colossus 18SB is intended for use as a high-output bass driver in multi way systems. It features a 4 inch ‘sandwich’ inside and outside windings voice coil, immersed in a symmetric magnetic field yielding increased linearity and lower distortion. This, coupled with a large Xmax of 8.25 mm and laminated silicone suspension, ensures tight, punchy bass at high levels of excursion.

The cone membrane, manufactured from polycellulose, is much stronger and more durable than conventional paper pulp alternatives. This allows the driver to combine high-sensitivity with the structural integrity required to produce undistorted low frequencies at extreme sound pressure levels. The driver handles 1000 Watts (A.E.S.) continuous and can cope with peaks in excess of 4000 Watts. This is due to advanced thermal management in the form of vented die-cast chassis and increased motor system venting. These measures effectively remove heat from the voice coil, resulting in extremely low-power compression. The Colossus 18SB exhibits 100 dB sensitivity and can deliver bass down to 35 Hz (-6 dB) in a 200 litre ported enclosure.

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