Testimonial Page 2

Testimonial Page 2


Electronic Rescue

“My long and entirely happy association with Soundlite cabinets and cases started way back in the mid 1980s when I was in charge of Cougar Audio in Leeds as it expanded to produce the new ranges of amps and speakers for our own Cougar and Stadium ranges, and also all the original Ibanez Starfield valve amps and speakers. In house cabinet production was soon flat out and I looked for some outside help, luckily finding Soundlite. The superb and consistent quality soon had us use them for all our cabinets and cases. The cases travelled the world to and from endorsees, international distributors, and trade shows. They proved their quality, none of the units inside came to harm. Hundreds of the amps and speakers are spread around the world and I expect them all to outlive me. I would completely recommend these cases to anyone for peace of mind and expect that like me, you will be back for more”.

Nigel Somers



“I have found Errol to be 100% honest and trustworthy certainly over the last twenty years that I have known him. He has been responsive to my customer needs both directly and indirectly, never a crossed word with either and certainly no complaints about prices. His deliveries are of a timely fashion, but above all, he actually is nice to deal with, by that, I mean there is no bullshit. So there you have it in a nutshell: a nice guy to do business with”.

Jeff Lewis