The following are some comments and Logos from some of  our clients, we have made products for in the past.


Elite logistics Productions / Total tour management

“As a tour manager and owner of a backline rental company, I needed a flight case that not only protected the equipment but one that would last year after year of hard world-wide touring. Between myself and Errol from Soundlite, we came up with an amplifier head case that is second to none. I believe that this design gives amps a longer life and also helps them maintain their initial value, as you wont see a scratch after the case is fitted. The fitting improves isolation from the cab, which improves the sound quality and the rugged construction is designed to take a beating and survive intact. These cases are some of the best made and designed I have ever seen and after touring for over 20 years I have seen a lot of cases! Built with passion and as not a lot of products can truly say it is "Made In England", proud to be British and built like a tank”.

Martin Lamb Tm


J.S.S PA Hire, York

“We have been utilising Soundlite as our flight case manufacturer and supplier for 10 years, we have always been delighted with the standard of workmanship and overall quality of the cases. Soundlite provide excellent customer service and the willingness and helpfulness of the staff never cease to please us. We have provided Soundlite cases to Elliott Minor, Paul Carrack, York University, Planet Sound and many others, the build quality and reliability of these cases has meant that we can supply them with the utmost confidence.




Dezign Audio

“We have the following Soundlite products:
4 amplifier racks, 3 twin monitor speaker cases
2 FX rack cases a mic stand case and a case for our 70mtr multicore.
Also, 2 custom-built large sound console cases.

These have been on the road with us now for some 10 years and are still in solid working condition. We think this sufficient to testament to Soundlite’s build quality”.

Barry Newby, Director, Dezign Audio.


Mickey Finn's T-Rex

“On reforming the band back in 1998 we ordered the following cases from Soundlite:

2 Keyboard cases, 1 small FX rack case.
Also, 2 custom-built, to design spec, bass guitar backline cabinets. 1 1x15" and 1 4x10"
We are please to say they are still on the road today.
Well built Soundlite”.

Barry Newby, Band Manager


Des Entertainments - London

”We have been using and selling Soundlite products for over 15 years now, from bespoke flight cases to Speaker cabinets.

We continue to use these products because of their exceptional build quality and attention to detail:  in other words they last forever.

Soundlite is a very pleasant and easy company to deal with, that's why instead of dealing over the phone we find time to travel up to Leeds and see them in person for that personal touch.

Some products we have ordered in past:
Scoop Bin speaker cabinets
Bass reflex cabinets
Full range cabinets
Bespoke flight cases eg amp racks,
Mixer cases, speaker cases, lighting cases and 2 in 1 flight cases”.

Des Entertainments

Logos of a few companies we have done work for:


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