Guitar Cabinets

Guitar Cabinets

SOUNDLITE use nothing but the highest quality 18mm Birch Plywood as standard and hand selected materials and tried and tested construction techniques we make some of the finest Guitar Cabinets around. We take pride in our name and our experience into every Guitar Cabinet we produce.


SOUNDLITE Guitar Cabinets are available in Standard sizes such as 1 x 12, 2 x 10, 2 x 12 and 4 x 12 or we can create a custom size Cabinet to your requirements. A SOUNDLITE Cabinet comes with the choice of tolex colour and style, grill cloth, hardware, piping colour and whether it's an open back Cabinet or closed back Cabinet.


4x12These Cabinets can also be made from light-weight Plywood. We also do Combo Amp Head Cabinets or conversions and recovering of your own Cabinets.

To the right is a picture of an example of the back of a 4 x 12 Guitar Cabinet previously made for a client.







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Product no.: Fane Ascension A90

The 12-inch Ascension A90 is a bold new entrant in the arena of high performance Alnico guitar speakers for modern rock and metal sounds. 

Currently unavailable

Product no.: Fane Ascension F70

The 12-inch, 70 watt, ceramic magnet Ascension F70 represents the evolution of a classic tone guitar speaker. 

Currently unavailable

Product no.: Fane Ascension F90

The ceramic magnet, 12-inch, 90 watt, Ascension F90 is the speaker of choice for modern rock and metal sounds.

Currently unavailable

Product no.: Fane Ascension A60

The A60 is a 12-inch, 60 watt, Classic Alnico driver. While its stunningly simple 'old school' visual statement will elicit an instant smile

Currently unavailable

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