CD & Mixer Cases

CD & Mixer Cases

A very valuable and interagral piece of any professional sound system, so why transport or house such units in unsuitable or inferior casings? they deserve much better, and will give much longer service when looked after correctly.

Manufactured to the highest quality and specifications, our cases offer the ultimate in strength, manouverability and style for your units, at very affordable prices.


slantA variety of materials are available, such as:
Diamond Board, Plain or Coloured Laminated Plyboard, Finished with aluminium edging, high durability metal corners, draw-bolt or butterfly catches, strap of flip handle, rubber feet or castors plus many more options available upon request. We can also cater for Ratchett Mounting, Foam lining and castors mounted on a Dolly-board.



This case is an example of one of our smaller Slanted rackmount flight cases.





CDJ Flight Cases designed to hold all the popular large CDJ players such as the Pioneer, Denon and Numark range. Built from 9mm Birch Plywood Diamond Board as standard and heavy duty hardware, this case is perfect for protecting and transporting the Pioneer CDJ 2000, 1000, 900, 850, Denon SC3900 & S3700, Numark NDX900 and 800 CD Players. Removable lid allows access to the CDJ player drawer while still in the case. 

So why not contact us now. We will be only too pleased to discuss your requirements or give advice without obligation on how you can keep your equipment both safe and secure.


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Product no.: 2U-20U 2 Door Amp Rack Cases

2U-20U Rackmount Flight Case constructed from 9mm Birch Ply Diamond Board with a 457.2mm (18") sleeve


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