As with all our flight racks these cases are constructed from 9mm Birch Ply Diamond Board as standard with coloured laminated Birch Ply as an option.

Fitting as per our flight cases but lined with highly durable either foam of varying thickness as required.

Designed so you can operate the unit from inside the case, with fully removable top cover.  Supplied with 4ins castors (2 brake, 2 free running) 

Please see example below.


Combo flight cases are designed with full heavy duty hardware.


Built for touring with a lifetime guarantee! All of our Pro combo cases are built to the highest standards, these are built and designed in house in the UK.

Built from 9mm Birch Ply Diamond Board as standard (other materials available on request) these cases use Heavy Duty Penn Hardware are Fully Foam Lined with 2 Heavy Duty Large Penn Butterflies, 6 Heavy Duty Recessed Flip Handles and 4 100mm Heavy Duty Castors (2 braked) - Removable Lid and Heavy Duty Aluminum Edging





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Product no.: 2U-20U 2 Door Amp Rack Cases

2U-20U Rackmount Flight Case constructed from 9mm Birch Ply Diamond Board with a 457.2mm (18") sleeve


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