Amp Head

Amp Head

Similar to our combo flight cases Amphead cases are made from 9mm Birch Ply Diamond Board as standard. Astro board is a durable alternative where weight can be a factor.

Foam lined with aluminium trim, zinc corners and steel flip handles, these cases provide the maximum protection for the most delicate amplifiers.

We pride ourselves being able to case most products on the market.



This is an example of one of our custom built live in Mesa Boggie amp head flight cases.


It is designed so that the amp head can be left in the sleeve during use.





Handbuilt in the UK with top spec materials 9mm Birch Ply Diamond Board as standard, (other materials available on request eg. Astro Board and Coloured Laminate) to world touring grade standards, each case is custom built to order around the dimensions of your amp head (+2/3mm) with a 20mm foam lining, Large Recessed Butterflies, Recessed Vents, Rubber Feet and Recessed Flip Handles.